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Welcome to the Schwabe Pharma (UK) site designed exclusively for the needs of Health Practitioners. Please explore the site either by specific herb or by common symptom that your clients may present with. All our herbal medicines can be ordered via the Schwabe Shop.

You can also download our comprehensive guide to popular traditional herbal medicines and food supplements for minor ailments.

Why Schwabe Herbal Medicines?   THR

Refining nature's remedies since 1866

Schwabe UK offers a range of over 20 licensed herbal medicines and food supplements that can be used to prevent or relieve the symptoms of many common conditions and are an alternative or complementary to conventional medicine.

  • Made with concentrated standardised herbal extracts
  • Meet exacting safety standards
  • Over 30 years safe use
  • High and consistent reliable quality

Schwabe UK is part of the Dr Willmar Schwabe Group, the world's leading phytomedicine manufacturer. Established in Germany in 1866 and driven by innovation, this family owned company is renowned worldwide for the finest quality herbal medicines, and places particular emphasis on clinical research to demonstrate product safety and efficacy.


Dr Willmar Schwabe is commited to environmental, ecological and social sustainability and has created plantations worldwide, employing local communities to grow and harvest plants under controlled conditions, following Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) guidelines.

The company has founded many charities in support of local communities in developing countries such as the Umckaloabo Foundation in South Africa, established to provide funding for education and youth welfare in deprived areas.

Trust Schwabe herbal medicines

Schwabe UK's offers the biggest and widest range of regulated traditional herbal medicines (THRs) to treat minor ailments. This means that Schwabe products are:

  • Regulated to meet specific standards of safety and quality based on traditional use
  • High quality and manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Guidelines.
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